• PASDB becomes a major donor of the huge ThaBarWa center. This sanctuary, created in 2007 by a wealthy businessman and initially dedicated to meditation, currently attracts around 2000 elderly people and 17 000 from homeless families. Food, accommodation, care and education are provided free of charge.
  • New Burmese recruit for PASDB. Toe Toe, 40 years old, speaks English very well, joins the staff of the association in Yangon, becoming the second coordinator of the local team.
  • Since December 2018, PASBD has been supporting the Kandaw Galay Hospice, which cares for the elderly in Yangon, most of whom are sick, disabled or insane.Twenty-two Burmese sisters live in the hospice and care for 135 male and female residents helped, from different religions. Prayer rooms and meditation are also available to everyone according to their religion .......! Volunteer doctors come every Sunday to examine the residents (see detailed photos and commentary).
  • We now have a video describing our education program for the very poor in Yangon:   A Schoolbag of Hope
  • VICTORY..............!!! After almost two years of intense lobbying with the various concerned Burmese authorities, PASDB has finally been officially recognized in Burma!

          The great satisfaction attached to this result is not fake, because the steps were long and     tedious, as every time it is necessary to treat with the administration of this country, but our  patience ended up paying!
Many thanks to all those who have helped us throughout this process, Burmese friends and PASDB volunteers.
This formalization changes many things for our operation, too long to explain here.

  • Visit to Yangon of the PASDB Honorary President, Gabriella Wright, (January 2018). During this first visit to Burma, Gabriella was accompanied by Thierry Cuberos, the founder of the association, who made him discover the various places of intervention of the association.                                                          
    Letter of Gabriella Wright
  • Foot saved from amputation for ..................... 3 euros! During our last mission (January 2018), during a visit in the suburb / shanty town of Dala, we intervened to give care to a handicapped man whose family we take care of by granting microcredit.
  • Within the programme of: « Water for life », the 4 mini-unsanitary-water- treatment-plants have been completed.

The latest construction was carried out in the Yae Oakan school/monastery, situated in the heart of a large Yangon slum. The first was built at the beginning of 2015 in Aung Zayar Min school/orphanage/monastery.

These four mini-plants cost €17,300.

  • PASDB has recently bought substantial material for Yangon Mary Chapman’s Institute, which caters for deaf and hearing-impaired children. Our association has been supporting this Institution for two years now.

We are also going to partially finance the next intensive training programme for teachers during which, besides traditional subjects, the latter will be learning sign language. This programme will start at Mary Chapman in March 2016 and will last 8 months. PASDB’s help will amount to around 1,300€ (more if we can find supplementary funds) which will be used to pay fees for 10 visiting lecturers.

  • PASDB’s young little sister, "Thukha", has just been born in Germany!.

It has been created thanks to German friends who are now gathering funds for PASDB.



       Son témoignage vidéo



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- SCOLARISE des enfants.
- ATTRIBUE des microcrédits.
- RESTAURE des huttes.
- PARRAINE des familles et des projets.

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